Oh No They Didn’t!

Word to RT for giving us a counterweight to fake stream media madness in the West.

Word to RT

It seems like the one potential pro-peace, and actual veteran who served in the military, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, is being attacked for not going the way of the party. It does not help that she seems to be a principled person who actively tries to find the truth and is willing to travel to Syria and many other places to hear both sides.

That is heresy to the Democratic National Convention and the fake media. So now the “mainstream” is attacking her for not being pro-regime change where the West actually overthrows stable nation states and leaves anarchy and Islamic extremists which causes migration crisis, more cost in human lives and money, and coincides with the spreading with “freedom and democracy” abroad, while denying both to people within and out of the West.

Furthermore, from a mens social issue, these invasions coincide with the dysfunction of feminism and man hating. Remember, the family is the basic cell of society. And if you destroy the family, you destroy it all. So of course in every nation infected by modern “values” you corrupt it all.

And Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro is being attacked by America and various Western nations to step down as leader of a sovereign leader, and allow an Obama Espanol named Guaido who DECLARED himself President to take over. Now I may not be as well versed in Latin American history, but I know the El Norte (United States) interfering is never a good thing, and anyone supported by them should be given the side eye.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has declared himself interim president in a defiant speech before masses of anti-government demonstrators who took to the streets Wednesday to demand President Nicolas Maduro’s resignation. He immediately drew recognition from the Trump administration, which said it would use the “full weight” of U.S. economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuela’s democracy. 


No, I am not a communist or socialist. But I know when El Norte is on the march, people will die. So be aware, and question everything.

And remember,
Fight your own battles,
Solve your own problems,
Exposing The Emperor out!


The Tyrannical Approach to Dick Policing Black men: And why Black men are not answerable to non-Black men, pro blacks, and Black women.

holding the globe

Hello brothers,

I was inspired to write this after pondering about a recent viral sensation of a Black male YouTuber who was “outed” for being with a non-Black wife. Now I personally do not care who you or any others deal with. Frankly, I feel that most people naturally deal and prefer someone from their group and that some people are meant to go out of their respective groups. Still, this person had long been known for having a non-Black wife so it was not news to me.

The irony is that he had long attacked Black men online for being with White women, never minding their circumstances or mindset (ie color struck vs bad experiences with Black women). In his mind, a Black man was guilty just because he dealt with a White woman. Ironically, the person who “outed” him in her youth was once married to a White man. And when things didn’t pan out she became a pro-Black.

And it occurred to me that 1) Many pro-Blacks are very disingenuous and hypocritical. And 2) I have never in my life seen any other race of men who were attacked for merely dating, marrying or sexing women out of their groups. As a matter of fact, Chancellor Williams of Destruction of Black Civilization fame stated in his excellent work that historically, intermixing was one sided between non-Black men and Black women, and no, it was not always rape or assault.


The very current phenomenon of Chinese workers abandoning their mixed breed babies in several African nations such as Uganda verifies what many White men such as Sir Richard Burton said about many African women throwing themselves at White men.

“Burton sampled every intoxicant on offer in Africa. He discovered first-hand that its women were “well disposed towards strangers of fair complexion, apparently with the permission of their husbands”. He was fascinated by African phallic worship. And he had that weird old-school racist obsession with the size of black guys’ knobs, even going so far as to measure several obliging fellows.”
I should also include that Sir Burton edited the entire 1001 Arabian Nights for English consumption, which also included the dick policing of an angry Islamic Eurasian king killing his wife for sleeping with a Black slave, but how much do you want to bet that kings like him had African women in bondage, along with White, Asian, etc.?

Moving along to the Chinese, so its OK for Chinese men to have sex and even rape African women, but an African man can’t get with a Chinese woman? Just like racist Europeans and Islamic Eurasians, do as I say, not as I do:

Though I have seen in the comment sections that some Chinese have been killed by some Africans who retaliated. This is nice.

Disclaimer: It has come to my attention that the video was actually in Malaysia and that the African man was assaulted, not killed, for theft and not for dating a local woman. If that be the case, it is a different matter all together. I apologize for my error. -ETE

Now then, we already know the ways of racist non-Blacks, but I want to focus on dick policing “pro blacks” and black women. The reason I brought up the matter is because when any other race of man involves himself with a woman outside his race or ethnicity, he is not seen as “less White” or being a sellout. Here are a few luminaries. When Thomas Jefferson had mixed children with his mixed slave Sally Hemmings, did that preclude him from being a President of the United States? What about Strom Thurmond? He was long known for advocating racial segregation but he also fathered a mixed Black child with a girl near half his age when he was 22 and she was 16, where was the outrage? Where was the #MeToo!?


“Thurmond’s oldest child — born when he was a 22-year-old man and her mother, Carrie Butler, a 16-year-old black maid in his father’s house – had kept the senator’s secret, an open one rumored about but never revealed when he was alive because, she had said, “He trusted me, and I respected him.” As in the case of Thomas Jefferson, another successful southern politician who was father to black children, stories shared among African Americans were long disbelieved until they turned out to be true.”

Why are many Black Americans always telling grown men who to date when:

  1. Intermixing was historically a one way process with non-Black men and Black women, often consensual
  2. The hypocrisy of many Blacks in excusing Black women but attacking Black men for the same
  3. Men in other cultures rule and let it be known as the men I listed above, they will be free to deal with whoever they please
  4. This reveals that Black America is run by the women, and even in other parts of the Black world, there is this lingering disrespect for the men. Now I am not implying that Black men should date out of their race. I am saying that Black men alone should decide for themselves since they have not been hypocrites and in the West, there is slim pickings. The fact that Black men even have to justify their dating lives is proof that Black women are de facto rulers of the “community” and pro blacks are weak, effeminate gatekeepers.

For example, here are some talking points they love to use:

  • The Black woman is God! Interesting, because if we use their vernacular that Da Black Wombman is Gawd, and Da White is the Devil, then WHY IS GAWD GIVING THE DEVIL A BLOWJOB????? I have never seen or heard of any religion, mythology or creed where God/the Gods and Goddesses bow down and submit to the devils and demons.
  •  Black women use to rule Africa. If that be the case, then why was Hatshepsut, the first woman in recorded history to rule ancient Egypt? Actually the first woman period in any history to rule. And why did she wear a fake beard to symbolize her rule? Don’t you think if ancient Egypt was a matriarchy, she would have been the first king instead of queen?

I’ll tell you what it all sums up to. The racist non-Blacks, pro blacks, and Black women are not saying on principle that intermixing is bad. They are instead saying that they want to have more options than a stockbroker while relegating Black men to their insurance plan. There is a difference between Black men willing to be with their counterparts and having to be with them.

Also another thing I pondered, when Muslim men irrespective of ethnicity want a wife, they just let it be known that they want a good Muslim wife and it is arranged. The same can be said for ethnic Europeans and Africans, if they are recognized as decent men, then it is an honor for them to be married and many families will try to set up their decent daughters with them for marriage. So why can’t the “pro blacks” do the same? Have you ever noticed that many of them have no wives of their own? Or that many “pro black” women use to be with ‘white boys or dope boys’?

The very same “pro black” woman who outed the “pro black” male for hypocrisy infamously once said that if Black men can’t find a decent woman, they should be celibate. The very same woman who at her prime, at her best was with a White man. This was at least what YouTuber Hardcore Tito testified, and I can believe his words.

Now compare and contrast with non-Western men who get the best women at their prime arranged for them. Interesting enough, the only sane subgroup of Black Americans who I hear have a good value system for marriage is the Nation of Islam. I have been fortunate to meet a few NOI women and bar none, they were class act all the way. Intelligent, kind, demure and feminine. And just like many foreign cultures, they actually provide their menfolk with the BEST women, not some ran through slut.

Finally, I talked with my best friend earlier and he told me of a “pro black” type who said the same spiel about Black woman is God commentary, and apparently he just knocked up an unappealing White woman! She gave birth to their mixed child and has him on the run with child support papers. That’s right folks. A “pro black” is on the run from the law because his White babymama wants child support! I need popcorn.

“Trailer Trash Queen!
You felt my “pro black” in your mean
And you’re now a proud mama
Back to Africa I run!”

Let me bring it all to fore:

  1. Intermixing was historically a one way process
  2. There is nothing wrong with anyone dating who they choose as long as they are not “color struck” and are not hypocritical
  3. Non-Black men are masters of their races, and they are held free to be with any woman they choose to be with
  4. Black men are the only ones subjected to the will of others, and maligned as filled with lust for non-Black women when history shows other wise
  5. Most “pro black” men are weak, effeminate males who act as lapdogs instead of masculine men who lead by example
  6. Many if not most Black women who whine about Black men are hypocrites and many never again speak about a Black man dating, relationship, etc.
  7. When these other groups speak against Black men dating out of their race, they are not saying on principle that intermixing is bad. Except for Black men
  8. Other groups of men who are seen as prized men are offered the best women. NOI not withstanding, Black Western and especially Black American men are expected to take up the worst of women and subjected to vitriol and hate
  9. Ideally it is better to deal with women in your own race or ethnicity
  10. In reality, a Black man must do what is in his best interest and remember that he has free reign of his life. I would also advocated that Black Western men create their own self sustaining communities and separate permanently from the Federal funded, Hood Approved Matriarchy.

Remember, there is nothing wrong in dating your own, as long as it is in your own best interest. And there is nothing wrong in dating outside, as long as you are happy and make your race proud. No other man is subjected to shame for taking a woman from outside of his race and ethnic group.

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The Containment Policy for Dysfunctional American/Western Black females

Blackistan Must Die

This provocative statement is a reflection of the ancient Roman senator Cato the Elder, who was immortalized for his provocative argument that Delenda est Carthago or Carthage must be destroyed. Anyone familiar with ancient history will know that Carthage was a major threat to Rome for supremacy of the Western Mediterranean world, and while Rome had won 2 wars against their bitter enemy and defeated them, Cato advocated for destroying the remnant of Carthage, and supposedly using a pretext, they razed it to the ground, poured salt over their vegatation and sold off its citizens to slavery.


Now you may ask why I would bring this context in the Black American “gender wars”. Friends, I assure you it is all relevant. And after Verb’s recent article of dysfunctional Black American females infecting non-Black women for prey, I thought it was bad enough. But their constant travels and influencing of other Black women brought it all to a close for me: Blackistan Must Die.

Evidence introduced:
How Western Black Women Seek To Lesbianise Foreign Black Women

Reading that article brought it all home for me the infamous Eddie Murphy joke about bringing an African wife and how American women will sabotage your happiness. Now I am familiar with many foreign Black women becoming single mothers, getting that “attitude”, ratchet behavior, tattoos, and anti-man behavior. Of course, Black women are just women and are a reflection of society’s mirror. No one is universally good or bad by nature, but nurture can offset such a heritage.

One thing I have seen with many foreign Black women is how worst they become in a short span. I guess we can thank Feminism and the CIA’s Gloria Steinem for continuously going after Black women.

But it does not explain why many Black women take to it like a fish to water. Maybe GS knew something about Black American women that many of us do not?

I think we need to start thinking critically about why they make such excellent cadres of feminism and lesbianism, and also spread the word to other Black men from all over. I just spoke with a good friend recently and he had long complained that modern dysfunctional Black Redneck culture (aka ghetto) had long influenced his native homeland, and many of the women who once shimmied rhythmically to the local influences of Black pride and Christian morality had become a carbon copy of stereotypical Black American females, and he could not imagine himself with one of his own. A shame.

One thing you will notice, is that many of the most ardent bulwarks of this dysfunction reside in primarily Anglo cultures, i.e. America, Jamaica, Nigeria, UK, etc. Now I want you to compare Black women from non-Anglo cultures, and you will see it is like night and day. Since the “mainstream media” dominates the airwaves, whatever they put out is what you see. And the powers that be have long used Black America for depraved social engineering experiments before using it for other audiences. As the saying goes, Black America is a canary in the coal mine. Power broker elites have long known that who controls the family, controls the society. This is why many ancient cultures such as Islamic, Confucian and African, et. al have emphasized that family is the basic foundation.

And unfortunately, that very same social engineering that transformed Black American women from the most married in the U.S. into the babymama of America (Maury Povich anyone?), it is now being transcribed globally. I’ll give you a personal take. I served in the US military. In 2005, my first assignment was in the Middle East, and I briefly dated an Ethiopian lady who invited me to her flat with her roommates to watch a movie. In that environment, many poor and low wage workers from Ethiopia, Philippines, Thailand, etc would work together and often work on the military installations or off base.

Well, guess what was playing?

Diary of a Mad Black Woman. 

That’s right folks. The first time I saw this movie was in the Middle East, with a foreign non-American Black woman. And I am also from the same area as Mr. Tyler Perry. Now I have no personal qualms against him or his movies, but I see the hidden meaning behind the entertainment and past time that is prescribed by our good lords!

And don’t let some Black woman come to America either!


Please let that sink into your heads. Whether we like, dislike Black women of any background, I want you to burn in your heads that this is way beyond race and gender. This is about Humanity against the Globalist Agenda. The “independent strong Black woman” is merely a pawn in the game. This is why I will address a few strategies as well as alliances to End the Federal Funded, Hood Approved Matriarchy.

My first address is for alliances. We must collaborate with like minded peoples who for their interests, will work to end the matriarchy. All we must do is convey that this struggle of ours, is merely a microcosm of their own struggle. I will therefore speak first of the Containment strategy as well as various groups who would be partial to our agenda.

“Containment is a geopolitical strategy to stop the expansion of an enemy. It is best known as a Cold War foreign policy of the United States and its allies to prevent the spread of communism. As a component of the Cold War, this policy was a response to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to increase communist influence in Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Africa, Vietnam, and Latin America. Containment represented a middle-ground position between detente and rollback.”


Containment was a foreign policy created by U.S. diplomat George F. Keenan and served as the American counterweight policy that enabled America to bring communism to its knees through a powerful navy and intelligence apparatus, allies from various nations and the pioneering of robust organizations such as NATO. For the U.S. to wage war against the Soviets via proxy wars and battlefields, it required a delicate dance for one slip would cause either to initiate Nuclear Holocaust. And thankfully both sides were more or less balanced in reigning in the more aggressive advocates for war.

Now then, I was going to delve further into the strategy itself, and various partners, but this will wait. For you see, I have observed that Black American and Western men for the most part do not have the will or conviction to wage such a battle of ideas on the same level as non-Black men have in the last few years. Also, I’m sure some have noticed that many White men for example do not have a need to create micro movements such as #SYSBM since they are entirely on the warfront through various social media platforms and the related rise of the Alt-Right, and further that, they have the WILL to win. Black men are no better or worst in capabilities, but without the WILL, there is no WAY. The strategy I had in mind was a simple and elegant plan that would pull out the weed from the ground, but it requires expenses and dedication to implement it.

So for now, I ask that you keep it all in mind and go MGTOW, EBM, and SYSBM. For the very best Western Black men may do is save themselves and live their lives in peace. It may not be what was expected from my analysis, but I feel it is the most prudent choice. Feel free to engage with me.


How to get started on being an Expatriate and/or Digital Nomad?


I was inspired to write this piece after getting word that some people would like to travel and leave the States. There are much problems going on with lack of jobs and dearth activity. So first, I’m going to place a few choice websites. I would HIGHLY recommend Maverick Traveler. I actually purchased one of his excellent entrepreneur programs to build this WordPress site and have an idea of what I want to perform as a writer, though I was inspired by a fellow WordPresser at Slaying Evil.

After, I will write a few remarks on how to get around to travel.


Expat King is an excellent website written in dedication to Black American men, but frankly Western Black men in general. I listed their Resources page because it gives a nice breakdown of various resources such as Jobs, Travel sites, Housing, etc. Highly recommend it as well.

Now, lets get to the main topic at hand. What is stopping you and where to start?

Well, the first is 1) Where to go, 2) How to get there, and 3) Sustain yourself.

Let’s talk about WHY first. Your why is going to be most important. For myself, I have traveled extensively as a private individual as well as a military member once. My recent why has been the malaise in the American economy, dating field and lack of inspiration. While I have a love for America, I will say it is largely boring, materialistic, and artificial. And do not get me started on the women in the dating field. Most who’ve had their fun and seeking some poor soul to overlook their actions, idiotic, moronic, narcissistic Millennial women. Not my cup of tea. The music is largely gutter, Satanic, weakening to the heart and soul.

For me, my WHY is very powerful and drives me to leave. So please figure out your why. That will keep you on track to escape the virtual bubble of comfort and laziness.

Now, the first place after figuring out your why is Where. Are you seeking a wife overseas, maybe a girlfriend? Travel to Brazil perhaps. Investments and economic opportunity? Maybe Switzerland or Dubai. Martial arts? Maybe Brazil again for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) or Capoeira. Or Muay Thai/Boran in Thailand. How about reconnecting with an ethnic homeland? An African nation for Black men, perhaps Nigeria, Ghana, or Mali. Or Angola and Congo. If you are White, the same could be said of Norway, England and France. Etc.

I hope you get the point. Now lets see your How?

Well, there are several and numerous sites that will better offer your How. Perhaps I can ask you to review my previous article on obtaining your passport and why it is important. Certain passports have more privileges and esteemed status, such as an American (US) passport. Then again, due to certain geopolitical events and news, it may be dangerous to travel as an American. Particularly if the holder of said passport happens to be White. Just an observation.

So get that passport and avoid having a child in America!

Finally, let us speak of Sustain

This is possibly the most important for any man who has not traveled or is frightened of economic insecurity. Granted it is a legit fear. One we will demolish reader. My best recommendation is to pay off any debt and have a surplus of reserves before travelling.

I have used this in the past and I can attest to its effectiveness. I was unfortunately in a position of debt while pursuing higher education due to being unable to find work and at least my education debt isn’t much. Many men have a higher debt ratio due in large part to not finding suitable work. My best recommendation is to get your own business. Since it is much more critical for Black men, this MUST be your priority.

If you can start a side business without experience, go ahead. Example would be dog walking, cutting grass, etc. Keep in mind I want you to have businesses you can do FROM home. If you are aiming to be a Digital Nomad and/or Expatriate, this must done. An excellent way to be an entrepreneur is blogging. WordPress is great for that and it does not take long to get started.
https://maverickbootcamp.com/ I used this course to learn how to really craft my brand and in the near future I will be getting away from certain “people” and focusing my brand on what is near and dear to me.

So I highly recommend blogging, in addition to other businesses. Now, you want to have a business you can work from home, perhaps as a consultant, or provider of service and/or product. As I said before, if you cannot do it yet do to fears of paying taxes, filing LLC and updates, etc., hire a Virtual Assistant! As you may have inquired, a VA can help you as personal secretary without paying wages or benefits. They are also in the business of helping businesses. Even without a business yet, you can hire one for a reasonable fee. I have a VA that helps me stay on course whether it is studying for IT certifications, losing weight and exercising, and keeping me motivated. I implore you to get a VA.

Here are 10 things a VA can help you with: https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/299695

Here are some popular sites for working with a VA, or even being one yourself. You can also find a VA anywhere in the world. Just keep in mind it is a relationship building.

Finally, I want the reader to get experience for his or her business. As I said earlier, some businesses do no require much experience. Others do. You cannot have a business in gold prospecting without an engineering background and 4 year degree or land surveying experience. On the other hand, you can have a business as a hunter in the wilds after a few months of being in the country and having someone teach you the basics, showing you the proverbial ropes. Even with natural talent, some experience is needed.

My recommendation? If you cannot get a job that is suitable and will pay you while you learn, rarely is that the case, get a retail and low wage job where you can. If you want to work with your hands outdoors or construction, go to local hardware store. Computers? Find a big box retailer where you can be exposed to components, hardware, networking, etc. Martial arts? Do martial arts and rise through the ranks! Maybe you want to have a business in guns? Well, learn all you can, go to the range and maybe get a job in a gun range business. The examples of analogies are endless.

Why am I recommending low wage jobs? EDUCATION!!!! If you can’t get a nice paying job, you have to pay bills and can’t do that with a low wage job. With a low wage job, you still cannot pay bills or finance overseas travel. So get educated and learn your craft, preferably something without being tied to a location, that you can do from home or that you can travel with. Also, you will be able to NETWORK!!! You will find all sorts of people who will educate you as you do the same in serving them. If you stick out in a positive way, they can have you move into the more nitty gritty operations where you can really shine and learn the attributes and technical skills of that field.

Again, if you are in IT, they may let you work in service fixing computers where you’ll gain the basics of stripping and building and repairing. In a Gun Range, learn how to work with different firearms. In a hardware or big box Do It Yourself (DIY) store, learn carpenter, electrical handling, inspection, etc. Working in a automobile parts store? You can learn the ins and outs of a car, just by knowing the parts and dealing with people. Even working fast food industry, you learn how to manage people, deal with money, inventory and logistics and fast paced action, Keep in mind if you want to have your own business in food, that is a nice way to learn. I also want the reader to visit the E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber. Many entrepreneurs look at their business as an interdependent job, but focus near exclusively on the technical aspect and not the business ownership and management parts. This article is on the technical aspects, but always remember to cover the business ownership and management. You are all 3.

You also may meet a customer who likes your way of work and will hire you for a suitable job with high wage and benefits. Or at least, when you finally decide to get your own business, you will have at least some education and skills to serve your customer.

I hope this article was enjoyable to read, please leave comments. Have an amazing life!

Words on Travel and Relocating

Greetings Reader,


I spoke with a fellow reader at Slaying Evil not too long ago, and he was at an impasse for his current situation and wanted to leave America forever, at least that was his thoughts. This article won’t be long, but I would advice pondering why you wish to travel.

Now, there are a number of resources on YouTube alone about traveling, digital nomad lifestyle, new rich, etc. My advice would be to research your reason for traveling and considering moving. Keep in mind that whatever your decision that many foreign investors and businessmen move to America to do business and relocate their families even. Of course, they are least affected by modern “cultural practices” due to their cultural integrity. So just remember that.

Now, how to make money? My advice is to focus on your career and monetize it online. If you are not sure what do for a career, then I would recommend write a list of 3 columns: 1) Everything you excel at; 2) Everything you like or love; and 3) Possible job titles you are interested, and find the common link.

That is how you will find your career and vocation. Keep in mind that Job title can be exchanged for type of Business as well. Now all you have to do is monetize it and you can fund your life.

Next step is get your passport. I have already written in the past about this subject

Go ahead and get it and travel. I think traveling is great and one of the unsung qualities of travel is that you learn to value what you hold dear, you see the pros and cons, the good and bad, and gain exposure to different cultures and peoples. But you may also appreciate your home country more.

So remember, find your career, get money and travel. And hey, if you really like going overseas, then definitely travel first before turning in your US citizenship!


Gentrification: Why Thinking Black men need their own property.

Away from de facto misleaders- How you can Save Yourselves while creating a network of Thinking Black Men in the West

I was reading a book by the pool and soaking up the beautiful sunlight when I noticed that there were a nice bunch having a pool party!

They seemed to be Hispanic family with some friends and children with adults. I couldn’t tell their ethnic or nationality, but I know that they were having fun and enjoying themselves as a familia. What with their pizza, snacks and drinks. Beach balls flying all over, it was quite clear to this author that they had a love and joy that is glaringly rare with Westerners, especially Americans.

For the last few decades, the nuclear family in the States have been gutted and devoured by feminists who preyed upon the legitimate and historical grievance that women have had with men. Claiming they wanted freedom and full rights, they leveraged the State as well as anarchistic, earth scorched tactics that would place a smile upon the Nazi German 6th Army in Soviet Russia or Ghengis Khan’s warriors to shame in their rage against the Patriarchy (ie regular men who do not have any hand in policy and many times non-Whites).

Single motherhood has brought devastating effects not only in relationships and children, but in the very fabric of communities. I would personally say that modern America is largely a decrepit graveyard of decent families. Remember, the No 1 reason that marriages are destroyed is irreconcilable differences. Imagine then, after many decades, what a hollowing of the family structure will do the fabric of society. And now, as if that were not enough, many men are shutting down in public due to the hysteria called #MeToo. I have never in all my years seen the madness that currently exists now.

And of course, Black America was once a 2 parent household and reputed to have the highest marriage rates, and in a few decades it is the unimaginable opposite. Its now come to many male groups creating associates such as Men Going Their Own Way aka MGTOW, Save Yourself Black Man aka SYSBM, Introspective Black Men of Reform aka IBMOR, and recently Escape Black Man aka EBM. Basically, these online subgroups are merely a microcosm of the destruction of the American and Western ways, and the lack of cohesion one will traditionally find in a healthy and strong State, Nation or Kingdom as well as its cellular counterparts such as the tribe, clan or extended family or even the bare bone nuclear family.

Now with all of that in a backdrop, the traditional safety nets that allowed our ancestors to weather the storm of war, crisis, natural disasters or bad economy has withered and everyone is flung about like ants in the wind. More and more men are going solo and going abroad. Some have wishes of a family-and some have their own already- and wish to preserve that spark of hope. Many others are staying in and ghosting, staying to themselves and working on developing themselves.

Bottom line, we now have the rise of gentrification across much of America are raising prices and putting what remains of the American Dream for many who are not part of the Big Boys Club ie Corpotocracy. So, how will we move forward, and how do we make the most even if we plan to move overseas or at least travel?

Well I would recommend investment and ownership in townhouses and condominiums as well as co-ops. Unlike traditional single family homes, it is easier for a bachelor to maintain independent lifestyles without being attached to much maintenance. And since traditional lifestyles only suit men in a more traditional, non-gynocentric society, there is no need to have property for a significant other who acts like a Trojan Horse for the State.

Finally, the reason I recommend co-ops as well as townhouses and condos is that if more men decide to make America a renaissance again, you can network and make your own tribes while effectively creating a social safety net. A community. Isn’t that grand?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have people look out for each other again without fear of being isolated, fragmented shards of humanity? I don’t know about you, but I’m not going out without a fight.

And as Lion of MGTOW would say concerning the trollops, GIVE THEM NOTHING!!!!



We Plead Da Fif, Gotta Have that Fif!

Word to the Parliament and Tron.

Both clips are humorous ways that I like to tie together. Always have your A-game on when dealing with your adversaries.

Recently, I had a discussion with the brothers on Slaying Evil https://slayingevil.com/ about the Cosby situation, and I had had much thoughts on the issue. One thing I noticed over the years is that since the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) instituted by former Senator Joe “Mangina” Biden and signed by President Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Black men have continuously suffered as many Black females leveraged the power of the State even when it was unwarranted, and many White women used the whole alleged against Black men.

I grew up in the early 90’s seeing many TV sensational programs and news coverage of some alleged victim (White women) pointing fingers at some hapless Black man. And now with #MeToo and Time’s Up, it will be exponentially worst for men who are innocent.

So here are some ideas and tips to help avoid the extra-legal slaughter on the horizon.

  1. Always keep your distance. There are a number of MGTOW and Men’s Rights videos that will teach you on the necessity of keeping minimal distance. NO matter your thoughts and philosophical approach, it warrants merit to learn from others. Keep your distance.
    1. Follow your instinct. If you get a bad feel from any body, listen to your gut and walk away.
    2. If some woman in your workplace, prepare to go to HR. I know, we are macho men, and we can handle it ourselves. Recently I had a daggle try to keep messing with me even though I wasn’t interested. Last straw, she was insulting me while using her phone with live app to speak to some male simp, thinking I wasn’t hearing her. I immediately reported her. Don’t let them get away. These kinds of females need to know, men are fighting back. Instead of hassling innocent men, they should focus on predators who are truly anti-women. But then won’t. So lets protect ourselves.
    3. Let me remind you all of a brave man named Lavar Ball who turned it around on pseudo-Bambi (jack this term for alleged victims) who alleged she was victimized by him claiming HE’S the victim. Stay in your lane!
  1. To paraphrase Malcolm X’s blistering attack on the house negro, when she says I’m victim, you say “I’m the victim”. When she says my feelings hurt, you say “My feelings hurt”. For too long Black men have been caricatured so lets protect our image and fight back.
  2. Refer to the Title of this article. If you are being asked by law enforcement that some pseudo-Bambi is after you because you are allegedly guilty, that means they are looking at you. Now I don’t give legal advice, but if I’m spoken to by law enforcement, I’d want to speak to my lawyer. We live in a very litigious society so you need to get used to the idea of fighting for your rights. Have an attorney ready!
  3. Be careful about allowing a woman in your residence. Recently I had woman who I had an acquaintance with, say her apartment rental deal fell through and wanted to use my space as a crash. Keep in mind we only met twice in person, and had in the past expressed disinterest in dating me. Oh well, so what. Now, she wanted to be friends and use me. I consulted with a good friend to confirm my suspicion, and decided to ignore her ass. Never allow an untrustworthy woman to be a Trojan Horse of the State. I worked too hard and I don’t need to bring about my own destruction. Too many good men, in particular Black men, are destroyed by women. I recommend look at my first article on getting a passport and make plans to relocate as an expatriate.
  4. Mike Pence rules, formerly Billy Graham rules. We are in interesting times. I highly encourage every man to practice such rules with women who are not close family or wives/girlfriends you trust. Especially with many American and Western women, such is the issue. It is not so much that women are the enemy, but they are symptoms of the problem. The problem is society and mass culture. Most women are followers and do as they are instructed, and like the Matrix, we MUST be wary. Unless and until society changes, we are under siege. So let us become victors instead of victims. Attack the attacker. Don’t be a sitting duck. Be a screaming eagle! Don’t be a weak male. Be an independent and strong warrior who fights for what is right. Well at least mentally, be a man who is respected.
  5. When having sex, I recommend doing so in a motel. If you bringing her at your place, look into a nice security home system. I know a man who said he had a pseudo-Bambi do the whole alleged rape hustle, and luckily when the police came, he had evidence to dispute her. I personally remember when I was more active in the game, I’d pretend to be some agent man, using a fake name, with a cover story and a disposable phone from a retail outlet. Reason I say motel, not only is it obvious why you’re there, but many women like to use smoke screen and deception in their half truths. But if she goes to a motel, it isn’t for the ambiance now is it? A big part of the whole #MeToo is women playing the regret game and using pretext. An example in the Bill Cosby trial is when Andrea Constandt said she went for a job interview at his personal residence at night time. Common sense dictates you don’t go to some man’s house for a job interview, and at night? But that’s OK, feelings trump facts. This is why I say use motels. There is no pretext for her to hide behind, and everyone will know what she was about.

In conclusion, I find it interesting that many men are living in fear. It is not the predators and true attackers of women who are being emphasized in this political climate. They’re going to keep committing crimes. So to all the good men, recall my points.

  • Keep your distance from women unless absolutely necessary.
  • Attack the attacker. Don’t allow yourself to be set up. If you are in a bad situation with a pseudo-Bambi, you go and scream for help. Be verbal, let it be known you just want to be left alone.
  • Use their tactics against. Remember Malcolm X’s paraphrasing in your favor. She says she’s allegedly a victim, you say “I”m a victim”.
  • While I defer to an attorney/lawyer/barrister for legal advice, always speak to them for the fif!
  • Mike Pence rules. As Lion of MGTOW says, “GIVE THEM NOTHING!!!!
  • Don’t let them in your place, if you do, be ready to record them. Or go the motel. AKA the Boom Boom Room! Be a Secret Agent man and dip out. And let her call you a fukboi. Better than being a jailboi for an alleged incident right!?
  • Also find a way to manage your sexual energy. Look into the ORIGINAL classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and pay attention to Chapter 11. He speaks on what all the great and powerful have known since time immemorial. Preserver your seed and channel it into power and influence. I may delve more into this area. Let me know your thoughts.